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Build your website with Homestead!  Use the award-winning web design software to create websites in minutes.  Web hosting, domain and email included. 
                       Large disk space!  Plenty bandwidth with speed!
        Easy to use to make web site,  many great web site templates for fast and professional looking web sites, blog included, easy setup and to use, no experience needed!
Homestead is perfect for small business and professionals who want an online presence and want to do it in an easy way and at very Affordable Prices!
             Don't be fooled by unlimited bandwidth offers with slow web site speeds!
Host your web site quick and easy at a cost effective price. Homestead is my pick to host my websites. If you are looking for a good hosting company take a look at Homestead! See all you get for one affordable price. You can easily make your web site that looks professional with the Homestead site builder. It's easy and it's fun to do. If you're looking for a web site to make money, promote your business or sell a product or service, you can quickly get your website up and running. Wait no longer. If you're new to web sites, or an expert, Homestead has much to offer. If you're looking to  make money with your own internet business, a Homestead website makes it easy to get your business off the ground. If you already have a business, a website is often a must to compete and gain business.
Website Hosting Features (Gold Plan)
A Personalized Domain – A domain like www.my-sitename.com makes it easier for your customers to find you on the web. A personalized domain is key to a successful online business.

5120 MB of Disk Space – There's plenty of disk space to store all your product images and data.  Sell as much as you want without being limited by disk space.

102400 MB of Monthly Bandwidth – Ample bandwidth allows your customers to reach your site and view your products. Don't miss out on a sale for lack of bandwidth!  Unlike many "unlimited" bandwidth phony deals, you get fast page load speeds, no gimmicks to get you to pay more for speed!
E-mail Accounts – Matching e-mail accounts like sales@yourcompany.com give your business a professional appearance.
E-commerce package is all you need to start selling online.  Click here for information.
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Make your own website with Homestead's combination of powerful and affordable web hosting, easy-to-use FREE website building software, professional website design templates, and toll-free customer support. Homestead gives you everything you need to easily build your own website.
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Homestead also offers an E-commerce package is all you need to start selling online. Create a store, use PayPal, accept credit cards and run your ecommerce business. This all-in-one package includes the popular website hosting and service features with a powerful Homestead Storefront. You can also register your own website name. Homestead - quick, easy, affordable web site hosting and domain (web address) registering.
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Free trial!    Get started with your own web site!
Build a website and get new customers!
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Hosting for those that FTP files!
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Great for those looking to FTP your files and if you have your own web publishing tools
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Homestead offers performance, professional look with easy updating!
Build your own website in minutes!
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Easy to use  blog included!
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Hosting.Homestead.com has an affiliate agreement and compensated by the hosting companies and products offered by those companies such as Homestead and Intuit!
Hosting.Homestead.com has an affiliate agreement and compensated by the hosting companies and products offered by those companies such as Homestead and Intuit!
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